Oct 27, 2011

Strapped for Cash This Halloween? Problem Solved: Downloadable Masks

I know you're all sitting at home or work hoping some rock will turn over with 75 shiny dollars beneath it which you can use to buy something from your local halloween store's typical costumes, or else someone will come along and hand you a costume. Well, look no further! Techie G.'s got your number. Not really. I actually don't want your phone number. Unless you're a dying millionaire who desperately needs to unload all that cash...then we might have some things to talk about.

Regardless of your current bequeathing status, Super Punch has some great downloadable masks which will only cost you some printer paper (or, if you're REALLY ritzy, you can go down to Kinko's and print that sucker up, maybe get it laminated or something). As far as character choices, there's quite a bit of selection, from V. to Mark Zuckerberg.

Check them out here.

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